About Busty Angelique

Measurements 36-25-36
Bra Size 36-EE
Height 5' 4"
Weight 143 lbs.
Birthday April 16th

December 1994 SCORE: long sold-out of the SCORE warehouse. This issue was Angelique's debut pictorial. Her cover shot was sexy but dramatic, with a photographic emphasis on her huge tits as well as her face. The pictorial was a massive ten pages, rare even then. Angelique was photographed at the London SCORE studio of big-bust specialist John Graham, who at the time was lensing a large number of busty American and Brit stars for the magazine. How did it happen that a young Brazilian girl wound up there to make history? By chance, she met a German photographer who was working in Brazil. He convinced her to try modeling in Germany. Angelique accepted the offer as photographic opportunities in Brazil for her were very limited. This one act -- not a simple one because to change one's entire life by leaving one's homeland requires courage -- altered the paths of everyone else's life. Angelique loved Germany and the German people so much that she settled there. Later on, she and the photographer sent a letter to the SCORE office in Miami. One look was enough and in a very short time Angelique was flying the Germany-to-London route for a date with destiny -- hers and SCORE magazine's.