Get Fit With Angelique

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Get Fit With Angelique

A girl needs to train and work-out to keep her figure trim and sexy. Angelique believe in this philosophy too. Check her out as she cycles, punches the speed bag and does calisthenics, all photographed from the tit-man's point-of-view! Don't take your eyes off those bouncing super boobs! Read More »
Featuring: Angelique
Date: November 27th, 2011
Duration: 04:11

Member Comments

8 months ago 
Amazing of the first Score girls I saw as a teenager in HS . Still stroking to those beautiful perfect huge tits and beautiful Brazilian face. I have a beautiful Brazilian girl looks a lot like Angelique. Tiny . Tan amazing body. Big wild hair and insane pussy. It's amazing to fuck a Brazilian girl. They are on a different level than most women. Love my beautiful Emily
4 years ago 
Those are THE most PERFECT TITS on THE most PERFECT GIRL I have ever seen in my life!!! :o

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