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Oily To Bed

Angelique rarely spoke on camera. Her English was not fluent and she sometimes felt embarrassed about that, especially on the two Boob Cruises she was on. But a woman like Angelique (and there really is NO woman like Angelique) can communicate very well without words. In this video, Angelique does speak a few sentences and her voice is enchanting. She oils her massive tawny globes and toys her snatch while the cameraman dives in, not afraid to get close. Although Angelique doesn't speak much during the rest of her tits and pussy peek show, she sure moans and cries a lot when she cums. Read More »
Featuring: Angelique
Date: November 25th, 2011
Duration: 05:02

Member Comments

9 months ago 

One of my favorite Score girls ever . Have been lovingly stroking my big cock with her for years and years

1 year ago 

I would like so much to have a woman looking like you

6 years ago 

Angelique is an all time favorite started my puberty on her.....

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